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SP Diagnostics - MAP & Keys Subscriptions

If you are coming up for renewal of your SPi or G2 subscription, have come to the end of your subscription or want to take out a new subscription for your product, the process is straight forward and you can start updating almost instantly.

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To subscribe now or to get more information please complete this form: Subscription Request


Q: My subscription has lapsed and my pod is now 4 years out of date, how much will it cost to get up to date?
A: Because we never charge you for the period that you have been unsubscribed, all you have to pay is the standard yearly fee for the subscription, you will then have access to all of the last 4 years updates you missed.

Q: When my subscription ends will I lose all of my SPi/G2 updates and data?
A: No, unlike other equipment we never disable it. You can continue to use the SPi/G2, but you wont be able to keep it up to date with the latest software and vehicle application.

Q: I have a G2 pod with a current subscription, but want to buy an SPi, do i need another subscription?
A: No, we can transfer your existing subscription on your G2 to your new SPi, just make sure you buy a hardware only SPi package.

Q: What subscriptions do you offer?
A: There are 2 services you can subscribe to, MAP (engine management, ABS, Transmission, AirCon, Service Functions etc.) and Keys ( Key coding, pin extraction and immobiliser functions) You can subscribe to both of these or just one.

Q: I don't have the Internet or a PC, can I still update?
A: We do offer a SD Card update facility, that allows you to get updates if you cant update via the Internet. We just send SD Cards to you via the post instead.

Q: Which is better Internet updating or SD Card updates?
A: Internet updates are the preferred method, they are more cost effective because you get more updates throughout the year, so you will always be up to date.

Q: What is the "i" infront of the iMAP and iKeys?
A: The "i" means Internet and is updated via a PC via the Internet, unlike MAP & Keys where a PC is not required.

Q: Why are SD Card updates more expensive?
A: We need to charge a small fee for the benefit of having SD Card updates, this is to balance the amount of extra work that is required to get them to you, postage fees and the ever increasing cost of the memory cards.

Q: How may SD Card updates will I get each year?
A: We will send you 3 Cards each year.

Q: I now have the Internet, can I change to Internet updates from my SD Card ones?
A: Yes, just get in contact with us and we can activate you instantly for Internet updating.

Q: I don't have the Internet or a PC at work, but there is one at home, can I use that?
A: Yes, you can use any compatible PC to update your SPi/G2, All you need to do is install the correct suite and fill in your user details on that PC.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: SPi users should refer to this pricing at the bottom of this page here: SPi

Q: How do i subscribe?
A: Just fill out the Subscription Request form, and we will contact to let you know what you need to do.








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