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SP Diagnostics 70A Battery Support Unitnew-button


70A Battery Support Unit & Charger (12v & 24v)

  • 70A Battery support function for ECU flashing / configuration
  • Charging Current 12v - 70 amp
  • Charging Current 24v - 60 amp
  • Fully automated charging control
  • Input voltage 190-255v AC 45-400Hz
  • Battery recovery mode
  • Wall Mountable
  • Internal Cooling Fan
  • Standard, Gel and AGM batteries


The SP Diagnostics 70A BSU is a powerful multipurpose professional battery charger and battery support unit or BSU. The battery charger features primary switched , computer controlled software technology that ensures the battery receives the maximum charge in the minimum time without damage. It is suitable for charging, AGM, Calcium/Calcium, Deep Cycle, Gel and Leisure battery types. The BSU function will provide a continuous 70 amp clean power supply for 12v systems and 60 amp for 24v systems.  This unit is essential for maintaining the battery voltage during software downloads, programming, configuration and other ‘key on engine off' workshop operations.

Many procedures on vehicles now require a good quality power supply capable of maintaining the vehicle's power during processes such as ECU flashing but also for simple procedures like Electronic Parking Brake wind-back for brake servicing


  • Battery Voltage: 12v & 24v
  • Input Voltage: 190v - 255v (45-400Hz)
  • Between 90v - 190v Input Supply: At 50% Power
  • Battery Types: Standard / Gel / AGM
  • Charge Current: 12v - 70 amp & 24v - 60 amp
  • BSU Voltage Supply: 13.7v for 12v systems
  • Backup Support: 70 Amp - Fully Regulated
  • Battery Capacities: 40-500 Ah
  • Ambient Operating Tepmerature: -25 /+50ºc
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 258 x 136 x 89 mm
  • International Protection Rating: IP20 (IP21 for horizontal placement)
  • Weight: 2.3 kgs without cables - 4.5 kgs with cables
  • Main Unit
  • Mains Lead
  • Durable 1.6m 12v Cables 
  • Instructions

If you would like more information on the charger please contact us.


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