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RF/IR Keyfob & Transponder Coil Tester

  • Checks operation of transponder coils
  • Handheld, user friendly, simple and easy to use
  • Tests 433MHz and 868MHz remote key fobs
  • Tests new 868MHz BMW & Audi RF Keyfobs !
  • Indicates reception of Infra Red signals from remote key fobs
  • Battery powered with low battery warning
  • Auto power-off reduces battery drain


The SP Diagnostics keyfob tester is an invaluable tool which allows quick and reliable testing of remote keyfobs for most vehicles on the UK & European market today. The tester now includes a transponder coil testing function which detects the signal sent out by the ignition barrel coil, this lets you rule out coil and vehicle issues when identifying problems with the immobiliser system and keys. 

The 433MHz and 868MHz detection give reliable and accurate indication of reception of the correct frequency. The SP Diagnostics Keyfob Tester specifically detects these ranges so that false readings caused by background noise from mobile phones and strip lights are minimised. A low battery indication LED lets you know when the tester requires a new battery, stopping false readings which can cost you time and money.

This is a great time saver which gives you rapid diagnostics on troublesome intermittent or flat fob batteries. It is a great product to have alongside the SPi or KeyScan with the iKeys application to ensure that old or new keys are working correctly prior to programming into the vehicle.



  • 9V PP3 Battery
  • Low battery indicator

Frequency / Type Detection:

  • 433 MHz RF
  • 868 MHz RF
  • Also detects Infra Red ranges
  • Transponder Coils
  • Hand-held Key Tester
  • Instruction leaflet



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