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Smart Diagnostic Analyser & Code Reader

  • Code reader: reads, displays, interprets and clears fault codes, shows live data, resets service settings including CO, ignition advance idle speed and service lights. Drives actuators, tests injector electrical signals, idle control valves, coils, throttle setting, dashboards etc.
  • Multi-channel Scope- two channel scope with preset programmes and user set up feature
  • Time base and voltage scales can be adjusted. Trigger point can be adjusted and data can be captured
  • High speed refresh
  • Multimeter displays voltage, resistant and current information
  • Sensor Simulator can replicate sensor output signals to test their function for comparisonwith serial diagnostics data displayed on ACR
  • Colour touch-screen menu with multi-function screen capabilty


The SP Diagnostics SMART is a complete diagnostics solution giving the user all functions required for electrical and diagnostics tests in one unit. The scope has pre-set options to make set up a breeze for components saving you time.

The built in ACR function allows you to use the Pods from your ACR in the SMART and give you added functionality like split screen readings where component measurements can be compared both analogue and serially.

Sensor simulation gives you instant access to component emulation to allow you test the function of ECU's and integrity of the harness and give you fast dignostic results for awkward faults.

alt Mini Breakout Box Kit



  • EOBD
  • ISO
  • CAN
  • J1850
  • FT-CAN (Fault Tolerant)


  • Serial


  • Internet via a PC at the office or home!

Display / Input:

  • High contrast backlit colour graphics display
  • Touch Screen


  • 2 channel

Sensor Simulator

  • 2 channel
  • SMART unit
  • 12 V dc Battery power cable (Red plug)
  • Mains adaptor/charger (Red plug)
  • Sensor simulator cable (Green plug)
  • Low Tension cable (Grey plug)
  • High Tension clips and cable (Yellow plug)
  • Cylinder 1 clamp and cable (Yellow plug)
  • Labscope lead (BNC to 4 mm plug) channel A & B
  • K-Type temperature thermocouple
  • Current clamp
  • SMART to PC software
  • SMART to PC link cable
  • 2 way mini-bob x 1
  • 3 way mini-bob x 1
  • 4 way mini-bob x 1
  • 5 way mini-bob x 1
  • Carry Case with insert
  • Accessories case containing assortment of probes/cables
  • DMM Leads (pair)
  • 4mm patch lead red 2M
  • 4mm patch lead black 2M
  • Croc clip red x2
  • Croc clip black x2
  • Insulation piercing probe black
  • Insulation piercing probe red
  • Hook probe red
  • Hook probe black
  • Accessory box (empty)




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